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The shared web space hosting merchants undoubtedly differ from each other. Regardless of having been in the web hosting marketplace for quite a while, not many hosting package merchandisers guarantee numerous server farm location possibilities for their valuable clients. In spite of its tiny scope, 'NTC Hosting' offers FOUR impressive data center locations: the USA, Great Britain, Sweden and Australia. You can request domain name registration-only accounts or shared web hosting accounts in all of the available datacenters. The more robust semi-dedicated hosting and dedicated servers are available only in the American data center.

Hosting Details Hosting Semi-Dedicated Dedicated Servers
Cost Per Month
Web Storage Unlimited Unlimited 240 GB
Website Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited 10 TB
Server CPU Usage 5% 100% 100%
Dedicated RAM N/A N/A 4 GB
MySQL v.5 DBs 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Site Names 1 Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Users Unlimited 20 Unlimited
Email Addresses 500 Unlimited Unlimited
Root Access
Shell Access Optional
Single-click Web Apps Installer 2
Hepsia Control Panel
cPanel Control Panel

Server CPU Usage 1 - The CPU resource utilization is determined by the specific private virtual server web hosting plan.

Single-click Web Apps Installer 2 - Delivered only by the Hepsia hosting Control Panel.