Stop lowering your prices

You shouldn't always have to worry about being undercut by a cheaper contractor. But if all you have to offer is the same boring description of the job, how is your customer going to pick you over your competitor?

You want to show off all the brilliant, high-quality work you have done. You need a way to capture their imagination, and not just through an image slideshow, or an expensive, out-dated brochure.

Engage them, don't bore them

What if you had a great way to show them your previous work, in a way that was novel and memorable? If you were able to show them your work not just from jobs you completed last year, but this month? This week? Earlier in the same day?

Pin•Up makes it painless!

Imagine being able to take a picture, and have it ready to show the customer immediately. Without expensive printing, or the high cost of a graphic designer, because it's on a device you already have: your laptop, tablet, or even your mobile phone. Never again let old, dusty brochures flatten your profits.

Head into your meetings with confidence — finish them with a signed contract and an excited customer!

Want to learn more?

Sorry, but Pin•Up is no longer under development.